Brown Royal Superior Degreaser and Non-acid Wheel Cleaner


Brown Royal superior degreaser & non-acid wheel cleaner is an Easy-to-Use touchless cleaner. Brown Royal will remove heavy brake dust from clear coated alloy, aluminum, chrome and painted wheels. Brown Royal contains a unique polymer agent that SHINES the surface as it cleans. There is no cleaner in the world that contains this formulation. Just spray it on the wheel, let it dwell for a minute or two and rinse with high pressure water. No scrubbing wheels. Brown Royal will also clean tires, Whitewalls, Engines, oil, bugs, tar, paint over spray and contaminates from vehicle surfaces. Brown royal will not harm painted or clear coated surfaces. Brown Royal is not just a Wheel & Tire cleaner. It is a Superior Degreaser that can be used for various cleaning applications. 32oz spray bottle.