If anyone is contemplating this kit, stop procrastinating! If you have low airflow to the middle & rear vents, you need this kit! I installed mine a few weeks ago. Had to take one of my golden retrievers for a ride the other day. This was the first time riding in the Beast that she wasn’t panting & drooling like she was having a panic attack! She was calmly laying in the first row, securely buckled in, enjoying the ride. Also, haven’t had any complaints from the kids about it being too hot in the back.

Wayne Whitaker

We finally installed our rear air flow kit. And it is worth it's weight in gold! I am so happy with the results! It's like night and day. We took a family vacation to Texas in June and it was so miserable. We actually bought fans, Styrofoam coolers and dryer vents to try and make a homemade air conditioner for the kids in the back. We were desperate and the kids were sick it was so hot. It helped, but we were stopping every 2 hours for ice. With the kit, it's like a normal air conditioning system in the back. It only took my husband 2 hours to install and Joe was so helpful throughout the whole process. Always checking in and making sure we didn't have any questions. I highly recommend getting this kit!

Sherry Zamora

I have another review for Joe’s rear flow kit. If you were skeptical like me... don’t be and throw your money at him NOW.

We live in El Paso, TX (hotter than hell’s front porch for those unfamiliar) and my kids were always sweating after just a few minutes in the van. We bought the kit, installed in about 1.5 hours and left the next morning for a 25 hour (wayyyy longer with stops) to Fort Myers, FL. Our kids never once complained about being hot, but did complain about being cold. Well worth every single penny.

Elichia Rountree

The rear air flow kit is installed in first NV in Dubai ( Joe's old design). Big big change. No more complain.
Never being sorry for 250 USD against such benefit.

Masoud Al Kamali